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The LifeLink Store
We were among the first dealers to carry The LifeLinks Jewelry Collection. This has allowed us to learn a great deal about the product, and work closely with the creators of LifeLinks Glenn & Link Wachler.The LifeLink products allow our customers who are looking for new ways to present gifts to friends and family each year to give a gift with a special meaning. No one wants to do the same old thing. Lifelink gifts are an alternative to the average gift. Choose a LifeLink gift to add your unique touch and give a truly meaningful gift.We will also do our absolute best to ensure your on-line experience with us is a pleasure. We will look forward to working with you to assist you on selecting the perfect combination of LifeLinks for you or a loved one. Our goal is to have a user friendly website, enjoy shopping, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us info@lifelinkjewelry.com We hope you enjoy the site, and we hope to earn your business for a long time to come.

About the LifeLink Jewelry designers:
Link and Glenn Wachler are two brothers born 13 years apart. Link became an International Award Winning jewelry designer and Glenn who started designing jeweled sculptures in 1988 became a custom builder of fulfillment. Together they create the most personal, individual, and outstanding jeweled sculptures for "Modern Royalty".

Mission: We believe that every single one of us desires and cherishes moments of love, connection, passion, pride, power, and peace. Moments so Ultimately precious in our lives we wish we could hold onto them forever.Through Wachler Ultimate Expression our purpose is to guide you through an outstanding experience by creating significant and meaningful gifts that ultimately celebrate, honor, and capture these moments eternally. -Glenn Wachler-

"Personalized Jewelry that Links you to your Life's significant values and keeps you focused and connected to the important things in your life."
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