Sure Care Protective underwear-- Disposable
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Sure Care Protective underwear-- Disposable
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Sure Care


Protective Underwear

for women and men

Size Extra Large

48" - 66" (51cm - 79cm)

Package of 14 Briefs

Wider & Longer

than Large Protective Underwear

Just like underwear! Comfortable and easy to use!

Features a form-fitting shape and stretchable, breathable waist panels for containment and protection along with a comfortable fit.

Quiet and soft cloth-like barrier keeps clothing and bedding dry.
Stretchy, breathable material stays cool and comfortable next to your skin.
Wide, super absorbent gel core gives you concentrated protection where it's needed most.
Fkexible gathers offer a snug, secure fit to prevent leakage.
Tear-away sides allow for quicker, easier removal.
Colored thread indicates back of underwear.
Easy to use: Just step in and pull on.

Disposal: Tear brief along each of the perforated, tear-away sides. Roll up and dispose of in a sanitary manner.

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Sure Care Protective underwear-- Disposable
Sure Care Protective underwear-- Disposable
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