Vintage Blown Green Lighting Closure Jar
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Vintage Blown Green Lighting Closure Jar
SKU#: 3026-1280326422986
Seller: Annlee Cakes
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•  Original/Reproduction  Original
•  Material  Glass and metal locking unit
•  Weight  23 ounces
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This is a wonderful vintage blown glass green clear colored Jam Jar.

This is a vintage jar with very crystal clear blow bubbles which the pictures depict clearly.

It is ""two place"" type glass and a wonderful duel straw marks on the lid.

There is one small bubble in the lid which is fantastic to look at!
The main jar has at least 6 bubbles and one is quite large created when it was made of course. The lid ring has a small bubble which appears over time may have opened as a nick and is the only type defect we coould discover.

Lightning closures have a clasp or toggle and use a neck tie-wire, a lever wire, and a gasketed lid to make containers airtight. This is especially effective as storage jars. Also known as "bail tops".

Sealing gasket is missing! Easy to replace.

Jar with lid stands: 3 inches
Bottom width: about 4 inches
Lid opening from side to side: 3 5/16 as we measured.

The lightning closure works easily and is in good condition for its age.

This would add to any Vintage Jar Jammer Green Glass Collection!
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Vintage Blown Green Lighting Closure Jar
Vintage Blown Green Lighting Closure Jar
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